Furniture Shoppee

Quality Products, Affordable Prices

Our Mission

Our Mission is to expand our capabilities and advance all services necessary to assist the effectiveness of our growing, worldwide customer base, while maintaining our reputation of competency and professionalism. Our goal is to provide the best customer service in our industry.

Shared Values

We share the following values as employees/management, and strive to translate these values within our work environment, with our customers, and within our community:

Honesty and Integrity:

We will stand by our word consistently and rigorously, always following through on all our commitments.

Value our Employees:

We will cherish diversity, and respect each other’s individual needs for a balanced life. It is the desire of the company to always promote a balance between the workplace and family for each employee.

Commitment to Excellence:

We ask our employees to treat our customers, as they would wish to be treated. We will manage our individual careers and live according to the highest personal and professional standards. We will encourage challenge, risk-taking, and lifelong learning as a vital to creativity and as essential to achieving excellence in all we undertake.

Open Communication:

We will speak our hearts and minds and will share information on a timely basis to build trusting, productive relationships. We will listen with sensitivity to others’ viewpoints, making every effort to hear – rather than judge – new ideas and approaches.


We will remain focused, collaborative with each other, amongst departments, and with those whom we serve to achieve common objectives. We take pride in presenting high-quality work, which reflects our commitment and loyalty to our customers, each other, and the company.

Dedication to Quality and Service:

Furniture Shoppee is committed to serving its customers with fast, dependable, reliable, and high-quality service. Pleasing our customers is our number one priority.